School Holiday Program

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1.5 hours
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School Holiday Program

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Children from 8 to 16 will have a great time making chocolate in the school holidays!

If children are under 8 years old, we can hold a private event for 6 or more children.

Our chocolatier will create a fun environment for everyone to see chocolate being hand tempered on marble (screams of joy as chocolate is splashed all over the marble!)

Everyone then gets involved in making chocolate freckles, bars, lollypops and other child-friendly chocolates.

Includes a certificate for the fridge and goody bag to take home and show off!

If you have a group of 6 children or more, you are welcome to organise a private class on a date of your choice! (This allows for younger children/ adults to join the class!)

1.5 hours

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What you will learn
  • How to temper chocolate by hand on marble
  • How to make handmade freckles, chocolate bars, and treats
What you will get
  • A certificate
  • A goody bag of chocolate made!

What to bring
  • Sensible clothing and/or an apron!
  • Please tie long hair back
  • Money for parking if arriving by car
What to wear


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Name of Event: Sydney Chocolate School

Property addresses: The Sydney Chocolate School & Coco Chocolate Studio - Building 21, 1110 Middle Head Rd, Mosman

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By booking this class, you automatically agree to the full Terms and Conditions contained within this ACCIDENT WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY CLAUSE and also agree to allow images taken at your party to be published by Coco Chocolate/The Sydney Chocolate School.

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25 July 2018 • School Holiday Program

I sent my eight year old daughter and her two friends to the school holiday chocolate making course. All three of the kids absolutely loved it and I was really impressed with how hands on the course was and the extent to which they could participate.. They all came home with an impressive (and professional looking!) haul of chocolates they had made themselves and all of them asked if they could go back next holidays!

Mohammad Ali

25 January 2018 • School Holiday Program

Quite enjoyable for the kids and informative.


22 April 2017 • School Holiday Program

This was value for money. Very easy to book and my children throughly enjoyed the experience.